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The Yorkshire Ripper


1985 Tracey living in London
1986 Tracey living in Manchester. Author contacted John Stalker
1987 This story published privately on cassette tape and captioned "This file contains 4 C90 audio cassette tapes. The story runs for almost 6 hours and contains live recordings of the Real Yorkshire Ripper and the Irish and English police involved in the case."
1988 Many radio stations in Ireland gave time to publish this story in live interviews.
August Det. Superintendent MacKeating came to Ireland to collect the Leach murder weapon and my manuscript. He never responded.
1989 1st April West Yorkshire Chief Constable Colin Sampson resigns.
May Libel action by Sonia Sutcliffe v Private Eye.
May John Sutcliffe and I go on the Irish National radio to tell the story for 1 hour.
October Private Eye appeals Sonia's award of £600,000
October Publication of this book.
1990-95 Tracey sighted in different cities in the United Kingdom
1995 Book updated



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