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Stefan Kiszko

Stefan Kiszko, an innocent, harmless and vulnerable man was pardoned in 1992 after serving 16 years in prison for the murder of Leslie Moleseed which he did not commit.

The policeman who charged him was Superintendent Dick Holland who withheld the evidence that would have cleared Kiszko. The confession he had earlier forced out the terrified man was used to convict him.

This same policeman had overall responsibility for eliminating Peter Sutcliffe as the Ripper 12 times on forensic evidence grounds. His was the last word. After Sutcliffe's arrest in South Yorkshire by a police force unaware of West Yorkshire's "intelligence," events spiraled out of control and Holland offered Sutcliffe a deal for his "confessions" to all the murders.

As in Kiszko's case a conviction became the prize. The truth became irrelevant.


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Dick Holland


This summary of the story was made by the author in 1993 in an effort to interest the police and / or the media.



To murder is easy. To get away with it is more difficult. The Ripper was not just a murderer. The timing, the place and the victim were carefully planned and carried out to progress and escalate the stakes and the mounting excitement and thrill for him as he monitored the public anxiety and the police tactics.

As an experienced criminal who specialised in violent sex crime he had an insight into corrupt policemen that an ordinary citizen would not believe or even want to consider. He understood their goal of getting a conviction at all costs. He drove them to the copy-cat whom they knew, had eliminated and did not want. He had baited several police forces in Northern England as he murdered in conjunction with his correspondence to them.

His analysis proved to be correct.

Sutcliffes trial was a manipulation of the Courts reported by the media to satisfy the public and relieve their fears. Could any person overturn all this in 1981?

It has taken all this time and this new technology to air the facts and the Authorities who knew Sutcliffe was a disturbed copy cat killer rather than the Ripper now stand exposed along with the Ripper, and their copy -cat who is in a mental home, the correct place for him since his first assault on Olive Smelt in 1975.

The REAL Ripper has lived in the U.K. since 1984 and undoubtedly has killed since.

Scotland Yard detectives who were told these facts in 1983 contacted West Yorkshire and were told its not their business, not their area. They cited their inability to do any more. Irish police cited the same reasons. That's the system.

The Ripper keeps his distance from the author because he knows he would be shot on sight. The public only know the official version of events. This is the real but unofficial story. the police cannot say the Ripper killed again because he is supposed to be in jail. The Ripper won't be pursued for his crimes because it would expose too many important people. However the public should be warned.








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