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The Yorkshire Ripper


Noel O'Gara was born in Ireland in 1944. He qualified as a member of the Association of Certified and Corporate Accountants in London in 1969.

Subsequently he was self employed in business in Ireland. 0' Gara was a wealthy, successful semi-retired businessman in 1979 when he first became involved with the Yorkshire Ripper.



"There is only one reason why I have felt obliged to pursue this odyssey and that has always been that it is real. It happened. It is truth. The truth was a guiding light, always there and a signpost to the next of the many building blocks on which this thesis is built. How could it be possible that a resident of a foreign country would ever wish to upset a criminal conviction in the UK, or hope to prove his conviction unless the true facts already existed. How could I prove that Peter Sutcliffe was not the Ripper with such conviction unless I already knew for sure that Billy Tracey was the Ripper? Sutcliffe just does not fit the frame. Billy Tracey does fit the frame. I didn't try to frame him. He fits it exactly. The truth is one thing and criminal convictions in Court are another. You read the papers and saw the Television reports about Sutcliffe's trial. Now you see the unraveling of this misinformation. A small group of bent policemen stitched Sutcliffe up and compromised the good ones. I had to look over my shoulder for 5 years until Tracey departed from Ireland in 1984. He must be somewhere since then. Would you like to have him living near you?"


Noel O'Gara now lives with his wife on a farm in the midlands of Ireland.

He has conducted a battle for over two decades against the intransigence of the police all of whom have resigned, and the present serving officers cannot re-open this case because of the enormous and horrendous consequences.

The UK media have supported the Police conviction of Sutcliffe as the Ripper, to allay the public's fears.

Modern technology via the Internet has enabled these facts to be exposed.

The established media maintain the status quo.

Noel O'Gara has no such constraints and wants the true facts exposed and the real Ripper brought to book for the appalling campaign of murders and terror that he inflicted on the North of England for five years.



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